Apache Bunching Onion – Heirloom Seeds By Liliana’s Garden



Harvested and Packed in the USA. Approx. 200 Seeds of “Apache” Bunching Onion. Germination Rate 87% minimum. Seeds may be started indoors or planted directly in the ground in any season. “Apache” bunching onions are one of the best varieties for late fall and early winter cultivation of salad onions. They may be the best for red or pink bunching onions.

Tips and How to Grow:

Plant seeds 1/4” apart. Do not crowd as the onions will not develop properly without enough space.

Seeds should produce sprouts within 4 to 7 days. Sprouts will appear small, long, and thin. As the seedlings develop, these small stems will grow up and thicken. This growing process takes roughly 90 days to produce bunching onion of up to 1/2” in diameter. Keep soil damp at all times.

If allowed to continue growing, most bunching onion varieties will progress to the “Spring Onion” stage. This means they will develop a small bulb and a slightly stronger onion flavor as opposed to the very light flavor and straight stalk of a traditional bunching onion.


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