About Us

A garden should be a place of healing and relaxation. Liliana’s Garden is here to facilitate that philosophy. What we offer is meant to make gardening easier, more enjoyable, and more beneficial for you.

Over 200 Years of Gardening Experience

For every problem and scenario, there is a solution. If you have questions, you can find answers here on our website or by sending an email- even if you’ve never purchased anything from us and never plan to.

Helping fellow gardeners and gardening enthusiasts tame their own patch of nature is the goal here at Liliana’s Garden. 

In short: Be ambitious, we’ve got your back.

Our Promise to You

All seeds and plants sold or provided by Liliana’s Garden are guaranteed to 


100% Natural

Every seed variety sold by Liliana’s Garden is 100% perfect for seed saving and will produce true-to-variety year after year.


Locally Grown

Our seeds come from small farms located in the USA. Seeds grown locally, in similar climates to your own, may be better equipped to thrive.


High Quality

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Always Fresh

Every year, we select and harvest fresh seeds for the following growing season. This may mean we have less stock, but each seed has great potential.

Only The Best Seeds

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Our Favorite Plants

While there are millions of different types of plants, the following three hold a special place here for their healing properties, hardiness, and beauty.


Evening Primrose


Plant a Healing     Garden