Hydroponic Lettuce Mix – Heirloom Seeds by Liliana’s Garden



Harvested and Packed in the USA. Approx. 500 Seeds. Germ Rate 85% minimum.

Beginner Gardening Skill Required.

This packet of lettuce seeds is filled with varieties proven to do well in hydroponic conditions, whether you harvest your plants all at once or use them as “come and cut again” varieties.

The varieties in each pack will vary somewhat. However, most packets will include light green, dark green, and pink lettuces in smooth leafed, ribbed, and ruffled shapes.

Seeds: Lettuce seeds are small, about the width of a pin, and can vary in color from white to black.

Leaves: The leaves of the lettuce in this variety pack will always be “loose” and not packed into a tight head of lettuce. The leaves may be dark green or light green. The tops and edges may have deep maroon or light pink color. Depending on the variety, the leaves may have a crisp rib down the center, be thin and delicate, or may have a decorative, ruffled edge.

Flowers: Lettuce plants should not produce flowers unless they are allowed to go to seed. If this is the case, they may produce small flowers from white to yellow to pink, depending on the variety.

How to Grow: How you plant and care for the lettuce seeds in this packet will vary, depending on the type of hydroponic setup you have.

Annual or Perennial? Lettuce is generally a short-lived crop or annual.

How Long Will These Seeds Last In Storage? Lettuce seeds are somewhat delicate and, if stored well, should maintain the stated germination level for at least 8 months.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee: All seeds are guaranteed to germinate at or above the stated minimum. If you receive seeds that fail to grow even after all of the above instructions have been followed, please contact the manufacturer or seller (Liliana’s Garden) for a full refund.


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